Laptop Backpacks

Laptop Backpacks

Carry your laptop, smartphone, tablet and other digital gadgets in convenient and trendy backpack

Ergonomic and Capacious Travel Backpack


-Capacity: 33L
-Size: 500x330x230mm
-Weight: 1.4 kg
-Comfy and practical
-Soft adjustable straps
-Ventilation System
-8 internal and 8 external pockets for gadgets, documents, bottles
-Up to 17” Laptop Compartment
-Pocket for phone/player
-Polyamid-containing fabric with 1680d density

Spacious Backpack For 15.6" Laptops


-Size: 480x300x200mm
-Weight: 0.7 kg
-Soft cushion for back
-Soft adjustable straps
-2 compartments, 6 internal and 3 external pockets
-15,6” Laptop Compartment

Urban Style Travel Backpack


-Capacity: 31 L
-Size: 460x330x200mm
-Handy, solid and durable
-Soft adjustable straps
-Ventilation System
-5 internal pockets for gadgets
-15.6" Laptop Compartment
-Smartphone pocket

Classic Backpack For 15.6" Laptops


-Size: 430x2750x100mm
-Weight: 0.78 kg
-Well-tailored and handy
-Soft adjustable straps
-2 compartments, 10 internal and 2 external pockets
-15,6” Laptop Compartment
-Stylish front pocket

Super Slim Backpack for 15.6" laptops


-Ultrathin, contains nothing more than you need
-Suitable for laptops up to 15,6”
-Zipper lock
-Adjustable shoulder straps
-Rubberized pullers
-2 internal compartments
-Made of high-quality polyester
-Laptop protection

Fashion backpack for 15.6" laptop


-Designed for laptops 15.6 "
-Durable material: nylon
-The main compartment has a soft partition with Velcro
-A small external zippered pocket
-Sophisticated, comfortable backrest
-Large capacity
-Soft non-slip shoulder straps