Wireless Keyboards

Wireless Keyboards

Wireless multimedia keyboard


-12 multimedia functions
-Connection: wireless 2.4GHz with nano-USB receiver
-Number of Keys: 104
-Key life: 10 million clicks
-Operating range up to 10 m (open space)
-Dimensions: 434.2x145.4x27.2 mm
-2 AAA batteries included
-Compatible with Windows / Mac OS

Ultra-slim wireless keyboard BK-10


-Ultra-thin form factor
-Connection: Bluetooth 5.1
-Compatibility: Mac / iPhone / iPad
-Working distance: up to 10 meter
-Scissor switches
-Number of keys: 104
-15 multimedia functions
-Auto power saving mode
-2 AAA batteries included

Wireless keyboard - the Velvet tread series HKB-W20


-The Velvet Tread series
-Ergonomic design
-Connection: wireless, 2.4 GHz
-104 keys
-Silent keys with premium low-force key switches
-Life cycle of switches: up to 10 million clicks
-13 multimedia functions
-Working distance: up to 10 meters (in open space)
-Keyboard size: 442x142x17.5 mm
-Batteries included: 2 AAA 
-Compatible with: Windows / Mac OS

Wireless Rechargeable Dual-Mode Keyboard BK-7


-Ultra slim design
-Touchpad with right and left buttons
-Dual mode: Bluetooth and USB
-10 m working distance
-4 simultaneous connections
-Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and all types of Smart TV
-Tablet/Smartphone stand
-Soft Silicone Rubber plate for the right wrist
-Over 4 days of battery life

Ultra slim wireless keyboard HKB-W2


-12 Multimedia hot keys
-«Floating keys» design
-Energy-saving technology ensures up to 24 months of battery work
-Batteries included
-Compatible with Windows OS / MAC OS

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