Gaming Mouse Mat 350x250 mm MP-3

  • 350x250 mm size
  • Heavily textured weave for pixel-precise mouse control
  • Optimized for all mouse sensitivities and sensors
  • Highly portable cloth-based design
  • Upper side: anti-fraying stitched frame
  • Lower side: Anti-slip rubber base
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You can beat the odds with the careful choice of a proper mouse mat! This one was designed for you to win any battle. Control-type surface of heavily textured weave allows to move a mouse on this mat as precisely as possible. The lower side of it is made of anti-slip rubber base and the upper one is stitched with anti-fraying cloth. This mat will fit with all gaming mice – from beginner to professional levels! And the stylish Canyon Gaming picture will encourage you to be a winner!


Gaming mouse pad
Depth250 mm
Width350 mm
Height3 mm
Weight0.16 kg
Package TypeRetail
Pack Depth295 mm
Pack Width60 mm
Pack Height60 mm
Pack Weight Brutto0.21 kg
Warranty term24 months
Warranty validation criteriaSerial number