Camouflage Gaming Chair Floor Mat 100 x 130 cm

  • Protects the floor from damage
  • Smoother movement of the wheels
  • Optimum size 100 x 130 cm
  • Upper side: soft, sound-absorbing pile
  • Bottom side: anti-slip base
  • Wear-resistant fabric 100% polyester
  • “Military” style
Where to buy

If you love the military-style and collect themed game accessories, this mat is a great find! This durable, anti-slip mat protects the floor under the chair from scratches and abrasions, as well as helps to avoid noise and excessive chair mobility. Also, it provides a smoother and more controlled movement of the chair. It can be put under a chair, in zones allocated for play, work, or art. An amazing accessory for those who like long gaming sessions, or just spend a lot of time at the computer. Plan and exercise your world domination without leaving your desk!


Product articleCND-SFM02
FabricWear-resistant 100% polyester
Compliant productsGaming chair
External colourCamouflage with logo
Package typeRetail
Package dimensions12cm x 12cm x 105cm
Package weight0.9kg
Product dimensions100cm x 130cm
Product weight0.6kg
Warranty Products ReturnableYes
Warranty Term24 months
Warranty Validation CriteriaSerial Number