Web Camera CANYON


The cutest and most fun looking gadget in CANYON’s portfolio is certainly the CNR-WCAM113. This USB webcam has flexible legs, arms and neck, and also a changeable outfit which makes it a playful gadget for your home or office. It features face tracking software with special image background effects for even more fun when video calling. The CNR-WCAM113 also has a built-in USB microphone, a snapshot button, a 1.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor and four lenses for high image and video quality. The steady feet ensure the webcam stays into place on your desk, or you can simply fold the arms to make it grip to your LCD panel. The CNR-WCAM113 has Plug-and-Play capability to make it easy for you to install, and it is compatible with the major instant messaging programs as well as with all Windows versions available including Vista.




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