Canyon NRG alkaline batteries: start of the new category

Spring, 2016. Canyon team has launched the new product category – long-lasting alkaline batteries Canyon NRG. The entire range of Canyon NRG products can be found in product catalogue of website.

Canyon NRG alkaline batteries were made for long-lasting performance with high power devices such as camcorders, cameras, mice, keyboards, portable speakers, watches, toys, and gamepads. Thus, they have the biggest amount of charge possible.

Unlike many other batteries discharging already on the shelf, Canyon NRG alkaline batteries remain usable for 5 years and by the end of their shelf life they contain around 80% of their initial energy.

Canyon NRG alkaline batteries are environment-friendly because they do not contain any harmful metals such as cadmium and mercury.


ALKAA2 – 2 AA batteries
ALKAAA2 – 2 AAA Batteries
ALKAA4 – 4 AA batteries
ALKAAA4 – 4 AAA Batteries
ALKAA10 – 10 AA batteries
ALKAAA10 – 10 AAA batteries