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Compact power bank with digital display 5000 mAh PB-52 (CNE-CPBP5, CNE-CPBP5W, CNE-CPBP5B)

Product features

  • Smart IC technology
  • 6 types of protection
  • Capacity: 5000 mAh
  • Input: 5V/2A, (Micro / USB-C)
  • Output: 5V/2.1A, (1 * USB)

Compact power bank with digital display 5000 mAh PB-52

If you use gadgets heavily during your day, they quickly run out of charge. This super-compact portable Canyon power bank will help to solve this problem while taking up a minimum of space on your desktop or in a bag. The device is only 12 mm thick. It's equipped with a digital display showing the battery level and two input ports for charging - Micro-USB and Type-C. Smart IC technology allows you to charge any device as quickly as possible and to avoid overheating. The smart chip determines the optimal amperage for each connected gadget. A fully charged battery would be enough for 1-2 charges of an average smartphone. The design of this power bank will please everyone who loves stylish and high-quality gadgets.

Smart IC Technology

The power bank automatically detects all types of charged devices and adjusts output current depending on unique requirements of a device. This technology helps to increase charging speed and avoid reduction of charging performance.

Smart IC: Device Voltage Optimization

Why does it take so much time to charge your smartphone from one source and so little time from another? That's because each smartphone has its own charging requirements that may not match with a charging source. Canyon Smart IC technology detects voltage setting of your device and allows to charge it as fast as possible. Always!

Smart IC: Cable Capacity Detection

The quality of your charging cable can be crucial. Bad cables cause loss of charge, its low speed and overheat of your device. Canyon Smart IC technology identifies transmitting capacities of the cable and automatically corrects charging process.

6 Levels Of Protection

Canyon Power Bank has the highest level of protection from overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, in and out overcurrent as well as from high temperature.


Warranty Information

  • Warranty Validation Criteria Serial number
  • Warranty Term 24 months
  • Warranty Available
  • Additional warranty information Battery warranty - 6 months
  • Package type Retail

Size and weight

  • Height 12 mm
  • Width 50 mm
  • Length 115 mm


  • Product Description Power bank with a digital display Micro / USB-C
  • Battery Capacity 5000 mAh
  • Input Voltage (Max) 5V
  • Input Current (Max) 2A
  • Output Voltage DC 5V
  • Output Current 2.1A
  • Battery Technology Li-Polymer
  • Number of USB ports 1
  • Maximum current control Smart IC Technology
  • Pass-through charging function Available


  • CNE-CPBP5W White
  • CNE-CPBP5B Black

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