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My Dino Smartwatch KW-33 (CNE-KW33, CNE-KW33GB, CNE-KW33BL, CNE-KW33BB)

Product features

  • Suitable for teenagers
  • Virtual pet Dino
  • Gamification of physical activity
  • Two educational games
  • Sensor accuracy same as in full-featured smart gadgets

"My Dino" Smartwatch KW-33

This smart and useful gadget is most suitable for teenagers. The interface of the watch is made by Canyon designers in a “hip-hop” style. Inside the watch, a cute dinosaur Dino lives. Let Dino be your virtual friend in the world of health and sports. Your can earn apples and feed them to Dino by doing workouts, walking or just not sitting still. Precise measurements of your activity will be provided by the watche’s pedometer, heart rate monitor and other functions of a full-scale fitness gadget. The watch has two built-in brain-training educational games - "puzzle" and "math”. In addition, the watch can show notifications from social networks and messengers, vibrate on incoming calls, display the weather and allow your kid to switch music tracks and camera shutter on a smartphone. Take care of Dino by exercising and achieving great results in real life!

Virtual character Dino

  • Interactive game that encourages an active lifestyle
  • A fun guide for a teenager in the world of health and sports
  • Dino is happy when he eats virtual "apples"
  • To earn an "apple," you need to exercise regularly
  • Motivator to go in for sports, walking, not sitting still

Ultra-precise sensors

  • Measurement accuracy at the level of a full-fledged smart gadget
  • HR-monitor tracks heart rate
  • Accelerometer counts the steps taken without error
  • Sleep quality monitoring based on movement and nighttime awakenings
  • All the data you need for sports and activity

Activity statistics

  • Mathematical algorithms for activity analysis
  • Activity history displayed in a calendar format
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Drink water reminder
  • Detailed statistics of sports activities


  • Incoming calls and SMS notifications
  • Messages from social networks and messengers
  • Missed call notification
  • Synchronization with a smartphone
  • Simple full touchscreen control

Canyon Life mobile app

  • Developed inhouse by the brand team
  • Accurate and reliable storage of statistical data
  • Instant, reliable sync with a smartphone
  • Regular updates and in-house technical support
  • Compatible with most modern smartphones on iOS and Android

Compliance with data security standards

  • Data is stored in the cloud and reliably protected
  • Follows the strict GDPR standards
  • Account control from a smartphone
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Data encryption and access control
  • Virtual character Dino​
  • Ultra-precise sensors
  • Mathematical algorithms for activity analysis
  • ​Incoming calls and SMS notifications


Warranty Information

  • Warranty Validation Criteria Serial number
  • Warranty terms EU: 24 months, Non-EU: 12 months

Materials and sizes

  • Materials plastic case, silicone wristband
  • Weight 45g
  • Screen Size 1.3''
  • Dimensions 41.2mm x 35.2mm x 9.3mm
  • Wristband width 20mm


  • Sports Walking, jogging, hiking, cycling
  • Sensors Heart rate monitor, accelerometer
  • Functions Activity statistics
    Sleep monitoring
    Alarm clock
    Remote music and camera control
    Multilingual adaptation
    Interactive interface, games
    Message and call notifications
    Sedentary reminder
    Water drinking reminder


  • CNE-KW33BB Black camouflage
  • CNE-KW33BL Blue camouflage
  • CNE-KW33GB Green camouflage

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