Wireless Charging Mouse Pad 324x244x6 mm

  • 324x244x6 mm size
  • QI standard support
  • Works with most QI-compatible gadgets
  • Wireless charging point input: 5V/9V-2A, output 5W / 7,5W / 10W
  • Charging efficiency up to 75%
  • Surface optimized for all types of mice
  • Upper side: PU + Fiberglass, stitched frame
  • Bottom side: anti-slip rubber base
  • Highly wear-proof
  • Protection from over-voltage
  • Protection from overheating
  • Protection from overload
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Gets charged via 1m Micro USB cable
  • Weight: 220G
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This mat is great for those who want to optimize the use of table space. You can charge almost any gadget thet supports QI wireless charging standard – just place your smartphone, earbuds or a mouse on the right side of the mat. The wear-resistant surface is covered with a special fabric made of polyurethane fibers and special fiberglass, which provides high-precision control over the cursor movement and convenient maneuvering. It is great for all types of mouse sensors, including made for gaming. The rug will not slip on the table due to the anti-slip rubber base. The mousepad is totally safe, as it has multiple levels of protection from overvoltage, overheating, short circuit and overload.


Wireless charging mouse pad
Length244 mm
Width324 mm
Upper sidePU + Fiberglass, stitched frame
Bottom sideAnti-slip rubber base
Wireless chargerBuilt-in, input 5V/9V-2A, output 5W / 7,5W / 10W
Wireless power transfer standardQI
Protected fromOver-voltage
Package TypeRetail
Warranty term24 months
Warranty validation criteriaSerial number