Best smartwatch for kids: how to choose?


Being a parent demands enormous amount of tension, thinking, worrying, and carrying, yet not pace by pace, but all at once and with all your might and heart. However hard it may seem for people distant from parenting, this capacity of constant attention and being focused on your child’s needs arrives purely by itself, independently from your will or previous life background.

It just happens with your baby’s first cry, then a few years pass, and you find yourself ticking nervously by the window wondering when your teen might come home, and if he will at all, instead of hanging with his pals listening to a trendy Tiktoker or playing PlayStation5. 

In this vibrant paysage of your home chores melted with important remote job tasks, recurring to a smart watch for kids as your trusty digital companion proves to be an absolute relief.

Navigating through the wealth of options, a thoughtful approach is required to find a good and technologically elaborated solution, considering various and seemingly minor aspects to provide your little one with a powerful tracking-and-answering gadget.

So, let’s see through the possibilities to keep us, folks, connected and heard by our precious ones.

Smartphone, kids smart watch with GPS tracker, or a sole GPS tracker: what to pick?

Right off the bat, let’s do a brief research. Well, a smartphone offers parents advanced connectivity with internet access for their teenagers with the rich bonus of encompassing communication, entertainment, and information in a single device. On the other side of the coin, this wealth of playful resources presents disadvantage for parents trying to reach their kids whilst those are immersed into Minecraft and don’t care to answer.

Come closer to study what about a sole GPS tracker to manage your tween’s location and reach out to them. As you may guess, the name conceals its foremost function: dedicated location tracking to guarantee your youngster’s precise position and your calmness. Long battery life is also a GPS trackers’ merit, compared to multifunctional devices, but that’s all, perhaps.

The biggest mums’ and dads’ demand – secure communication & messaging with children – is absent in GPS trackers. With limited interactivity of GPS locators, standing beyond even our consideration in this survey, smartwatches are effectively pushed ahead.

Nurturing your discoverer’s spirit of adventure and opting for smartwrist, how to choose a kids smart watch? Effectively, countless indispensable features should be taken into consideration.

That said, look for a smartwatch equipped with  real-time location tracking, allowing you to keep tabs on our kids’ adventures is a must, and do not forget about geofencing options, two-way telephone calls, SOS knob, and data protection standards to ensure you always stay tuned.

Best smartwatch for kids: how to choose?

1. Smartphone tracking applications

Firstly,these empower parents with real-time insights into their child’s activities, so explore the apps proposed by your chosen manufacturer, each offering capabilities contributing to diverse parental needs.

With these, you can set up a wealth of necessary settings like list of contacts, tracking frequency, safety zone, list of alerts and SOS numbers, pedometer, making remote photo, and calling back. From location tracking to geofencing, these apps redefine parental control on the breeze.

2. Connectivity and compatibility

Driven from the previous point, compatibility is a standalone bridge that connects devices seamlessly. Whether it’s iOS or Android, a watch syncing effortlessly with your device ensures a harmonious digital connection.

Ensure your chosen smartwatch is integrated with your smartphone, making communication stress-free.

3. GPS and LBS positioning parameters

Further, for security-centered parents, the ability to trace your child’s location in real-time transforms a smartwatch into an absolutely trusty friend that you can rely on, whatever hustle happens in your working life.

Hence, mind carefully to choose a device that offers integration of GPS and LBS mapping, bringing you solace about your child’s whereabouts.

4. Digital dialogue with your kid

No doubt that you need a smartwatch that seamlessly integrates communication features, fostering a seamless digital communication with your 10-year-old honey bunny, wherever they are. Whether through the simplicity of a button or the enchantment of animated screens, choose an on-wrist gear ensuring your calls are met with eager responses.

5. Material durability

Children are synonymous with movement and activities, so a durable smartwatch is the must to withstand all the endeavours they come into. The construction of a smartwatch becomes a key, where a traditional wisdom suggests that devices crafted from qualitative materials offer a sturdier and more secure experience.

So, try to find the balance, aligning with both safety and affordability, and opt for a device with a sturdy build, water-resistant features, and a resilient casing.

6. Price and monthly costs

Here’s also the need to keep a balance between features and financial details. This decision demands some share of reflection for your kid’s benefit. Assess your budget, considering both the cost of the device and any potential monthly subscriptions.

You may consider exploring the caveats of each option, either choosing a subscription plan or checking the non-subscription flexibility model, anyhow aligning the choice with your parenting mindset and budget.

7. More smartwatch functions to consider

  • SOS button as a digital helper in critical times: explore smartwatches equipped with this imperative feature, empowering your child to seek help with a simple press of a button during emergencies.
  • Safety zone: for every parent,safety features that cultivate a secure universe for your little one is a top rating priority. Hence, a smartwatch equipped with SOS alerts, emergency buttons, and secure communication channels ensures your child has a lifeline in times of need.
  • Parental control: don’t miss this relevant function to manage your kid’s contacts, sometimes restrict calls and filter content, making their digital life more safe space to explore.
  • Responsiveness: designed specifically for children, smartwatch should be intuitive, possessing a totally user-friendly interface, easy to navigable by little fingers. Simplified menus and touchscreens make a user experience easy, allowing your child to discover the full potential of their wearable companion.
  • Pedometer: this feature, coming more for fun than for serious at first, perspectively becomes an active lifestyle for your child, inspiring them to go more into sports and training.
  • “Safe area” geofencing setting defines safe areas for your child’s diverse excavations, allowing you to create a perimeter and receive alerts if your child goes beyond your safety zone.
  • High data protection standards (GDPR): this feature complements the security aspect, where a high-quality smartwatch necessarily adds up to high standards of data protection.

Striking the balance between trendy, yet affordable watch

It’s obvious that our children wish to be always on the crest of a wave, so search for the most in vogue technological things. Yet, the balance between trendiness and affordability comes as a huge consideration for parents. So, try to unveil smartwatch manufacturers encompassing the latest features whilst maintaining the reasonable pricing.

After all, a smartwatch is a valuable addition to your child’s personality, and it shouldn’t burden your pocket too much.

Brief recap with the Canyon prowess

As we conclude this exploration, seeing your child bundled up in a caring protection of a smartwatch is the best gift for working parents.

So, let your kids storm into this world with all their creativity and innovative ideas, whilst feeling protected and connected with us, their parents.

Meanwhile, don’t waste your time on lengthy research as we got you covered right here, with all your peculiar demands fulfilled. The Canyon collection of smartwatches for kids shines out, promising a cosmic adventure adorned with the cutest illustrations and animated characters, so don’t miss to visit the high-tech website.

With smartwatches for your adolescents like kids watch “Sandy” KW-34, parents are calm and happy, kids are protected and entertained.

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