About Canyon

Always Young And Trendy

Canyon is a brand of stylish yet affordable gadgets, accessories and wearables. Created in the Netherlands back in 2003, Canyon values freedom of self-expression and high European quality standards. Our products are sold in 26 countries all around the globe.

Canyon brings an upbeat mood, vibrant trendy colors and a bit of provocative creativity. Our products are developed for young urban people and everyone who loves smart consumption, strives for everything new.

Canyon – You Can!

You are free to be whoever you like, regardless of your body shape, skin color or sexuality.

You are cooler than brands you use.

  • You can be yourself without aiming to impress others!
  • You can join the tribe of mindful consumers!
  • You can throw away imposed body standards – your body is your business!
  • You can care about the environment and live an eco-friendly life!

You change this world for the better – your creativity, your stories, your eco-position, tolerance, humanity, your desire to help and share, your smart consumption are your contribution to this world.

Canyon Eco Lifestyle

We follow the most strict harmonized eco standards by the EU. Canyon packaging is made of recyclable materials, avoiding plastic components.

Canyon encourages young people to live mindful lifestyle, spend their time and energy to help the Earth, people and surrounding living beings.

Quality Above All

Canyon product development center follows strict quality control procedures. Every product is tested on multiple levels – quality, longevity ecological standards, user data protection, packaging and more.

Our user support team will answer all your questions on the user portal. Canyon warranty policy matches all necessary requirements of all countries.