How to connect and set up Canyon “Wildberry” SW-74 Smart Watch

The following guide applies to:
– Blue Color Smartwatch
CNS-SW74BB – Black Color Smartwatch

A Smart Watch is not just a fashionable gadget, but a real daily assistant. However, sometimes it is not easy for the owner to understand the instructions, because they are written too briefly and with a lot of special terms. Let’s figure out how to connect and set up your Canyon Wildberry Smart Watch without any extra tricks.

Step One: Unpacking and charging the battery

After opening the box, you will find not only the Smart Watch itself, but also a unique accessory to it: a charger.

ATTENTION! The Smart Watch can only be charged with this charger. No other device can be used, because it will break the Smart Watch.

At the factory, the Smart Watch is charged, but while they were waiting for you in the store’s warehouse, their battery discharged almost completely. Therefore, it is better to recharge it immediately.

To do this, take the charger, open the crocodile clip and precisely align the two charging pins with the two pins on the back of the Smart Watchcase. It may take 1-2 hours to fully charge, depending on how low the battery is.

Step Two: Installing the Canyon Life mobile app

After the Smart Watch is charged, you can start connecting it to your Smartphone.

First, two important notes:

• if you have an iPhone, make sure that it is not older than the iPhone 5S version and that it has iOS 8.0 or later installed, and if you have an Android smartphone, then its version must be not older than Android 6.0. Android supports Google Play services. Please note that the stripped-down version of Android GO does not support delivery of notifications to your Smart Watch.

• in Android smartphones the Smart Watch is connected only through the Canyon Life app. Do not try to pair the Smart Watch via the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone. And if you have already connected, then go to the smartphone settings – Bluetooth – and cancel the pairing.

Now install the Canyon Life app on your Smartphone. It can be downloaded either on Google Play or on the App Store. On the app page, click Install and wait for the app to install. Then click on the Open button. If you have turned off the Bluetooth function, you will have to turn it on, because the Smart Watch communicates with your Smartphone via Bluetooth. So choose the answer option “Yes”. Then allow the app to detect your location so that the Smart Watch can inform you about the weather forecast in your city. This information will only be stored inside your Smartphone, and no one will be able to access it. Select the answer option “OK”. The following setting confirms that you agree to share your device’s location data with your Canyon Life app. Select the “Allow in settings” option. Go to settings and select Allow in any mode.

Go to the Android application settings – Canyon Life – Permissions and activate “Autostart”. If it is already activated, disable and re-enable it again. Otherwise, after a while the application will not start automatically and will stop syncing. These menu items may have different names depending on the smartphone model and Android version.

Many smartphone manufacturers make proprietary settings to optimize memory and save battery. These settings break the application work. Please deactivate all optimization settings according to your smartphone’s instructions.

Step Three: language selection

To set up and connect your Smart Watch without any problems, let’s immediately select your native language in the settings. To do this, select the Setup tab at the bottom of the screen, and then select Regional Settings. Next, go to the Language tab and select the desired language.

Step Four: Connecting the Smart Watch to your Smartphone

Now we are ready to connect our Smart Watch! In order for the Smartphone to detect them, you need to tell him what kind of Smart Watch it is, and what their name is. To do this, go back to the Settings tab and select the Bluetooth Devices tab at the top, because your Smart Watch is exactly such a device. However, when you go to this tab, you will find that your Smart Watch has not yet been found there. To fix this, click on the PAIR BLUETOOTH DEVICE button. To successfully connect, you need to follow three simple rules:

1. Turn on your Smart Watch.
2. Turn on your Smartphone’s Bluetooth.
3. Do not move away from the Smart Watch at a distance of more than 1 meter with your Smartphone.

Then click on the START button. As you can see, the app managed to detect your Smart Watch. It even shows you their name: SW74 (EA:97:34:BD:C7:74). Mark your Smart Watch and click on the ADD DEVICE button. After a few seconds, you will see the message Device connected successfully. By clicking on the Go to Settings button, you will see your Smart Watch on the screen.

If there were several Smart Watches near your Smartphone, the app could show all their names in a whole list. Then we would have to choose your Smart Watch by its unique name in this list. How to find it, you will know in the next chapter.

Step five: the first menu of the Smart Watch

The control of the Smart Watch screen is very similar to the control of the Smartphone screen. To turn on the Smart Watch screen, click on the big button on its right side. If you swipe the screen from top to bottom, you will find the screen of the first menu of the Smart Watch, from where you can quickly get to the settings.

Let’s look at what you see on the screen. A small icon with a radio source on the top left indicates that the Smart Watch is connected to your Smartphone via Bluetooth.

The battery icon at the top right shows the battery level of the Smart Watch.
Below in the middle you can see today’s date and day of the week.

The Flashlight icon switches the screen to bright light mode and you can use the screen as a flashlight. To turn off the bright light, tap the screen. To return to the menu screen, swipe from left to right.

The Smartphone icon disables and enables the mode of notifications coming from the Smartphone.

The Cloud and sun icon shows the current and tomorrow’s weather.

The Control icon (the first one on the left in the bottom row) is a button that you can press to change the brightness of the Smart Watch screen.

The Lock icon locks the Smart Watch screen. You can unlock it by clicking on the large side button.

The Gear icon launches the sub-menu, where you can find much more settings.

The first tab of the Watch Face menu starts the selection of the home screen style. You can scroll through the options by swiping from left to right or right to left at the bottom of the screen. If you like the screen view, stop and the Smart Watch will remember the selected option.

The Power Off tab offers to turn off the Smart Watch. You can turn them on again by clicking on the large side button.

The Restart tab resets the Smart Watch.

If you scroll down the Smart Watch screen, you will find two more tabs Reset and About. The Reset tab resets the Smart Watch settings to the factory settings. The About tab shows information about the Smart Watch: the model name, the firmware version of the app, the mac address that we already saw in the previous step when we attached the Smart Watch to the app. This is the name of the Smart Watch.

Step six: the second menu of the Smart Watch

You can get to the second menu of the Smart Watch by swiping with your finger up from the bottom of the screen.

This screen is very similar to the list of settings from the first menu, but here the settings are somewhat different.

The first Steps tab shows the number of steps taken, the distance, and the approximate number of kilocallories you spent on it.

The second Message tab shows excerpts from the three most recent notifications from apps (sms, Viber, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) that came to your Smartphone. You can fully read these messages by opening the apps in your Smartphone.

The Sleep tab shows how long your sleep lasted.

In the Health tab, you can find two more tabs: HR and SPO2. The HR tab starts the heart rate measurement, and the SPO2 tab measures the amount of oxygen in the blood as a percentage of normal. In order for the measurement to start, the Smart Watch must be worn on the hand. Please note that a Smart Watch is not an accurate medical device, so all measurements are approximate.

The Training tab starts measuring your physical activity throughout the day. You can choose from a list of exercises such as Walking, Running, Cycling, Skipping, Badminton, Basketball and Football. As soon as you choose an exercise, the Smart Watch will start measuring the time you spent on it, your heart rate, and calculate the number of kilocallories you spent doing this exercise. If you have temporarily stopped the exercise, click on the Pause button, and if you decide to finish it completely, then click on the Stop button.

The Weather tab shows the current and tomorrow’s weather. If you swipe the screen from right to left, you will also see the weather forecast for the week.

The Music tab launches one of your phone’s players: for example, it plays the last song you listened to on YouTube Music. You can also pause the playback of this song or go to the next or previous song.

The Brightness tab, similar to the control icon from the first menu, adjusts the screen brightness.

The Camera tab launches the screen with the remote camera control button of your Smartphone. However, you can only control the camera from the Canyon Life app. We’ll talk about this in the next chapter.

The S-Watch tab starts the stopSmart Watch screen. The Flashlight tab duplicates the Flashlight icon function from the first menu. The More tab duplicates the Gear icon function from the first menu: you can see the Watch Face, Power Off, Restart, Reset, and About tabs.

Step Seven: the Canyon Life app

Since we have already connected your Smart Watch to the app, it recognizes it and has already managed to get some information about you from the Smart Watch. On the first orange screen Steps of the Home tab (its switch is located at the bottom of the screen) you see information about the distance traveled in steps and kilometers, on the second blue screen Sleep you see information about your sleep, on the third red screen Heart Rate you see information about your heart rate. In addition, by clicking on the View full history link, you will open a screen Training History where you can find detailed information about all your physical exercises.

Go to the Stats tab (its tab is to the right of the Home tab).

Here everything looks almost the same as on the Home tab, but you can view the statistics of your exercises for any selected period in the form of a graph.

In the Setup tab, you can configure the operation of many functions of your app and Smart Watch. Let’s look at it in more detail. As you may remember, we already opened this tab when we selected the language.

Here you can see how much the Smart Watch’s Battery is charged (in percent), and when the Smart Watch sent messages to the app last time (Last sync).

The Unpair Device tab allows you to disable the Smart Watch from the Canyon Life app.

The Find Device tab will start a vibration signal in the Smart Watch to make it easier to find if they are lost.

The Screen Styles/Wallpaper tab allows you to choose from three Smart Watch screen options, as well as upload any of your images from the photo gallery on your Smartphone to the screen pad.

The Firmware tab allows you to download firmware updates. Do this regularly, because updates fix bugs in the app, and may also contain some new, previously unavailable features.

The Take photo tab lets you take photos from the Canyon Life app by tapping a button Camera on your Smart Watch’s screen. To do this, open the tab and allow the app to access your phone’s camera (While using the app).

The Physical parameters tab allows you to enter your gender, weight, height, age in the app and set yourself a daily goal for walking (Target steps) – in steps.

The Pulse Measures tab allows the Smart Watch to measure your heart rate every 30 minutes throughout the day.

The Enable on gestures tab allows you to turn on the Smart Watch screen without pressing a button.

The Device location tab allows you to determine the hand on which you are wearing your Smart Watch. This is very important for their proper operation.

The Apps notifications tab allows you to enable or disable notifications that will be sent to your Smart Watch from certain applications on your Smartphone: for example, from Viber, Facebook, Skype, and others.

The Alarm tab allows you to set the alarm in your Smart Watch for a specific time.

The Need to walk alert tab is a reminder from 10 am to 22 pm that you don’t move much: you took less than 50 steps in an hour.

Do not disturb Mode disables all notifications from the Smartphone for a certain time.

Step Eight: Important Reminder

Now you know how to set up your Smart Watch. However, please note that they will only collect the most accurate information about you if you constantly wear them on your arm.