USB Type C Multiport Hub 6-in-1

  • HDMI port: 4K, 30Hz,
  • 3.5 mm combined audio jack - for microphone and headphones
  • 2 USB Type C ports: 60W Power Delivery charging, and data transferring
  • 2 USB 3.0 Type A ports: up to 5 Gb/s high speed data transfer
  • Ethernet output: 1000 Mbit
  • Highly durable aluminum casing
  • Plug-and-play usage with Mac OS and Windows
  • Compatible with all USB type C Macbooks, PC, Laptops
  • Product size: 226x33.7x24mm
  • Can be used as a docking station or a stand


InterfaceUSB Type C
HDMI port4K, 30Hz
Audio Output3.5 mm combined audio jack
Ethernet output1000 Mbit
2 USB Type C portsPower Delivery charging and data transfer, 60W
CableUsb Type C
2 USB 3.0 Type A portsUp to 5 Gb/s high speed data transfer
Connecting an external display to Apple M1 devices:1 HDMI connection is supported. Mirroring and extended desktop modes.
ColorSpace Gray
Length226 mm
Width33.7 mm
Height33.7 mm
Weight0.174 kg
Important notice
Device CompatibilityPlease ensure that your device is equipped with a Full Feature USB type-C port that supports all functions: video, audio, data transferring, PD charging. Otherwise, some functions may not work.
Warranty Information
Warranty Products ReturnableYes
Warranty Term (month)24 month(s)
Warranty Validation CriteriaSerial Number