How to connect and set up a Canyon “Sandy” Smart Watch KW-34


Sandy KW-34 is a kids smartwatch with a GPS module and Internet access, so you can find out where your child is at any time using your smartphone. There are only two large buttons on the watch, so it is very easy to operate. However, it is not easy to understand their settings through the Canyon Life mobile application on your smartphone with just one short user guide. Let’s do it step by step and without any extra tricks.

Step one: unpack your smartwatch and charge the battery

After opening the box, you will find not only the smartwatch, but also the USB charging cable. 

WARNING: Be careful not to lose the USB cable from the smartwatch box, as some other cables of this type may not fit the smartwatch and you may not be able to charge them. Through the USB connector, the watch can be charged from a computer, laptop, charger, car or power adapter.

WARNING: Never use a power source with a boost charging function, as this will damage the smartwatch. 

The smartwatch is charged at the factory, but while it was waiting for you at the store’s warehouse, its battery has already been discharged. Turn on the smartwatch to check the charge. To do this, press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds. The smartwatch will turn on and you will see in the upper right corner of the screen a battery indicator, like a battery. If only one red line is visible on the indicator, then the charge of your smartwatch is running out, and it needs to be charged urgently.

To do this, open the rubber plug on the smartwatch case… 

…and plug the smaller end of the USB cable into the USB socket. Connect the larger connector to a charger or a USB connector on your computer.

Depending on how low the battery is, it may take 1-2 hours to fully charge the smartwatch. Once the battery is fully charged, the battery indicator will show 4 green bars. 

Step two: get your SIM card ready for use 

After the smartwatch is charged, insert the SIM card into it. But before that, the SIM card must be prepared. The fact is that a blocking PIN code can be installed on the SIM card, which is usually typed from the smartphone keypad, but there is no keypad on the children’s watch, so the PIN code request could be disabled. In addition, the SIM card needs to be activated, topped up and set to 2G only mode. Setting the mode “Only 2G” is necessary in order to check if your SIM-card works in this mode. If your SIM card does not support 2G mode, then the smartwatch will not work with it, since the smartwatch only works in 2G mode. To do this, install the smartwatch SIM card into your smartphone first and go to its settings. Then open the tabs in sequence: Settings -> Biometrics and Security -> Other security settings -> Set up SIM-card lock.  And turn off the switch “Lock SIM card”.



WARNING: In different smartphone models, the path to access the SIM card lock may differ from the specified one. In this case, you can find it yourself by typing “PIN-code” in the “Search settings” field (next to the magnifying glass pictogram). 

In addition, the SIM card needs to be switched to 2G only mode. To do this, go to the Settings -> Connections -> Mobile Networks ->Network mode and select the “2G only” mode there. After that, open the browser on your phone and check if any site can be loaded into it in the “2G only” mode. If you have Internet access, then the “Only 2G” mode on your SIM card is supported.



WARNING: Some SIM cards are sold without credit, so make sure to top up your account before inserting the SIM card into your smartwatch. Also, be sure to activate your SIM card. Some operators activate the SIM card after the first call to any number. Usually, the way to activate the SIM card is written on the packaging of the starter pack. 


Step three: insert the SIM card into the smartwatch

Now insert the SIM card into the smartwatch. To do this, first turn them off with the big SOS button. Then open the case cover of the smartwatch. Find a small slot on the back cover near the SOS button. Insert your fingernail or the tip of a knife into it and carefully lift the cover. Lift the battery also carefully: note that it is attached to the smartwatch board with two wires. Then lift the cover of the SIM card container and insert the SIM card as shown in the photo. 

WARNING: Carefully release the metal plate retainer. To do this, slide the plate towards the smartwatch case wall: then it will open easily. Then insert the SIM card with the beveled corner exactly as shown in the photo, cover it with a metal plate and slide the plate towards the center to fix it. Do not use excessive force when doing this, as the fastening mechanics may break. 

Then place the battery and close the smartwatch case cover.


Let’s check if we did everything right. Turn on the smartwatch with the SOS button and tap the screen to switch from the screensaver to the main screen of the watch. If in the upper left corner of the smartwatch screen you see a mobile signal strength indicator of four or three bars, then the SIM card is installed and working correctly.

Step four: install the Canyon Life app

In order to contact your kid, to send him a message or to check where the kid is now, you need to install the Canyon Life app. To do this, go to Google Play or the App Store, find this application there using the search field and install it. On the application page, click on the “Install” button and wait for the application to install. Then click on the “Open” button.


As soon as the application starts, you will see a request for what type of smartwatch you need to connect. Select “GSM Devices”. Then go through the authorization process. To do this, go to the lower tab “Settings”, and there select the upper tab “GSM-devices”. If you have turned off the Bluetooth function, then you need to turn it on. Therefore, if the application asks you about Bluetooth activation, select the answer option “Yes”. Then register your account on the server. To do this, you need to click on the “Register” button, enter your email address, your smartphone number and password. Immediately after registration, the application will prompt you to add a GSM device (this is your kids smartwatch). Click “Add GSM device”.


Now you need to check checkboxes at all stages of preparing the smartwatch for connection. This is very important: after all, if your smartwatch is not charged, there is no money on the SIM card, the “2G only” mode is not available, then you will not be able to connect the smartwatch. Also, make sure you have inserted the card correctly. 

Now you need to enter the registration code in the “Registration code” field. This can be done in three ways: 

  1. Rewrite the registration code directly from the tag attached to the smartwatch strap. It is printed right after the words “Reg Code”. Do not enter Serial Number (S / N) and IMEI Number. 
  2. In the Canyon Life application, click on the QR code icon immediately after the words “Registration code”. The camera of your smartphone will start. Bring the camera lens to the tag so that the QR code on the tag is clearly displayed on the screen. The registration number will be automatically copied into the “Registration code” field. 
  3. Go to the smartwatch menu, find the “Device information” screen and open the “RegCode” section. There will be both a registration code and its QR code. 

After you have entered the registration code, you must click on the “Next” button.


Then, if everything was done exactly, you will see the message “The device is successfully connected.” The Canyon Life application will start initializing your device, and after it finishes, you will see the kids smartwatch control screen.



Step five: smartwatch management from the Canyon Life app


Assign a name to the watch 

Let’s look at the smartwatch settings menu. In its first section “Device name” you can write down, for example, the name of your kid – like this: “Mary” or “Mary’s watch”.


Set the color of the marker on the map 

If your kids’ smartwatch is pink, then you can assign this color to a marker on the map that indicates exactly where your child is. In addition, assigning different colors is very convenient if you have several children and each child has a smartwatch. You can set the color of the marker on the map by choosing a different color in the “Device Color” section. To check if the color of the marker has changed, click on the “Show Device on map” button. You will see that the marker on the map turns pink.



Find your lost smartwatch 

If you have lost your smartwatch, you can activate its signal by clicking on the “Find device” button. The smartwatch will start making a loud sound until you pick it up and press the “SOS” button. 

Find the smartwatch on the map 

The “Show device on map” button opens a screen with several settings.

ButtonMeaning and action
The button with three markers in the upper left corner of the screen changes the scale of the map display from large to small.
The button with the image of the smartwatch returns to the main menu of the smartwatch.
The bell button shows all the notifications sent by the kids’ smartwatch to your smartphone. For example, that the kid left the safety zone or that the smartwatch will soon run out of battery.

The pentagon button allows you to adjust the radius of the safety zone. Whenever a kid with a smartwatch leaves the safety zone, you will receive a notification about this on your smartphone. You can disable or enable the safety zone, as well as change its radius from 200 to 2000 meters. Note that the center of the circle is changed by shifting the map. After that, you need to click on the “Save” button.

The cassette button opens a chat where you can send text and voice messages to your kids’ smartwatch. 

Give the Canyon Life app permission to access the microphone. 

You can type a message with text from the virtual keyboard of your smartphone. However, its length is limited to 30 characters. If you want to record a longer message, you can either split it into several messages or send an audio message. 

To send an audio message, you need to click on the gray microphone icon located in the text message sending field (“Message (maximum 30 letters)”), and without releasing it, speak your message. As soon as you finish speaking your message, release the microphone icon. Immediately after that, your message will be sent to the kids’ smartwatch.


You can listen to an audio message on your smartwatch by selecting the “Chat” screen from the smartwatch menu. Click on the “Chat” screen and you will see the current conversation. To listen to an incoming message from you, you need to click on the message from the yellow cat with a dot. After listening to the message, you can reply to it. To do this, you need to click on the “Press to talk” button. While holding this button, you need to say a message, then release the button. Immediately after that, the message will be sent to your smartphone.


You can listen to the message from the smartwatch if you go to the “Chat” section on your smartphone in the Canyon Life application. There you need to click on the blue message from the user “Sasha”. 


The button with the image of the clock face allows you to trace the history of the movement of the smartwatch, that is, the path along which your kid moved during a certain time. The travel time can be set in the “Start date” and “End date” fields with time indication. Do not set the viewing period for more than one week, otherwise it will be difficult for you to see the movements due to their large number. In order to see the path, click on the “Show report” button.

The button with the arrows around the smartwatch icon allows you to select the smartwatch to track its movement and other parameters if you have several children and each of them has their own clock. 


The button with the image of the localization sign allows you to center the map, or to set the map so that the kids’ smartwatch location icon is in the very center of the map on the screen of your smartphone.
The button with the image of the positioning sign around the smartwatch icon allows you to start the forced positioning mode, when every 15 seconds for 3 minutes the smartwatch will send a signal indicating their exact location on the map. Thus, you can accurately track where the kid is, and where he/she is going now. All other functions of the smartwatch are blocked in this mode.  


The menu button allows access to four different functions: 

    • Find device 
    • Remote Camera 
    • Silent Callback 
    • Callback from GSM-device

The “Find device” button allows you to quickly find your smartwatch. If you have lost your smartwatch, you can activate its signal by clicking on the “Find device” button. The smartwatch will start making a loud sound until you pick it up and press the “SOS” button. 

The “Remote Camera” button allows you to take a photo with your digital smartwatch camera. This can be done by clicking the “Remote Camera Control” button. Taking pictures and sending the finished photo from the kids’ smartwatch to your smartphone takes about 10 seconds. Next, you can either take a new photo or save the finished photo in the gallery of your smartphone. 

WARNING: The digital camera lens of the smartwatch is located off the edge of the watch screen in the upper right corner of the smartwatch bezel. To take a photo, you need to direct the smartwatch screen to what you are shooting.


The “Silent callback” button allows you to call your smartphone from the kids’ smartwatch in such a way that the kid will not know about it. When you accept the call, you can hear what your kid and the people around him are doing. At the same time, none of them will guess that you are hearing them.

The “Callback from GSM device” button allows you to make an automatic call from the smartwatch to your smartphone without the kids participation, but so that the kids will know about it, since they will hear long beeps before you pick up the call on your smartphone. By clicking on the “Pick from Contacts list” button, you can change the phone number to which an automatic call will be made from the kids’ smartwatch.



Set your alarm 

The “Alarm” button allows you to set the alarm for a specific time and day of the week. 
To turn on the alarm, you must activate the orange switch on the right in the time setting line. 
To set the time, you need to click on the “Alarm time” button and select the time of the call either on the dial or by entering the time from the keyboard. To do this, activate the keyboard with the button located in the lower left corner of the window with the dial.




Set Do Not Disturb Mode 

The “Do Not Disturb” button allows you to set a period of time in which most notifications from the kids’ smartwatch will not be received on your smartphone. However, even in this mode, the SOS button and incoming calls will work. You can set the Start Time and End Time for Do Not Disturb and the days of the week that Do Not Disturb will be active.



Set SOS numbers and SMS settings 

On the right side of the smartwatch case, there is a large SOS button. It allows you to dial several specific phone numbers without dialing the full number in digits, but only with one long (at least 3 seconds) pressing the SOS button. To do this, you must enter the SOS number into the application. The Canyon Life app allows you to enter three SOS numbers. If the first SOS number is not answered, the smartwatch dials the second SOS number in sequence, and then the third SOS number. 

WARNING: if an answering machine is triggered on one of the SOS numbers or a voice message “Subscriber is not online” has been sent, the smartwatch will stop dialing numbers and will not dial the following numbers. 

In addition, in this tab you can activate SMS messages to your smartphone about the smartwatch low battery charge and that an SOS signal has been sent to you. 

Set up geolocation 

The geolocation setting mode allows you to set the frequency of geolocation, that is, determining the location of your kid. You can track it every minute, every 10 minutes, once an hour, or stop tracking at all. 

WARNING: The more frequently your location is tracked, the faster your smartwatch runs out of battery power.

Fill in the phone book 

The “Phone book” button allows you to add up to 10 contacts to the list of kids’ smartwatch phone numbers. To do this, click on the orange button with the “+” sign. Next, enter the name of the owner of the smartphone and the phone number. You can also add a phone number from your smartphone’s phone book. To do this, click on the “Pick from Contacts list” button.


All the phone numbers you entered will appear in the “Phone Book” section of the smartwatch menu.


Turn on step counting 

The “Enable steps count on device” button allows you to activate a step counter for your kids’ daily steps. You can find out the number of steps in the “Pedometer” section of the smartwatch menu. 

WARNING: The pedometer consumes additional power and drains the watch battery faster.


Set language and time 

To set the language of the smartwatch and smartphone interface, open the “Time, language” tab and select the required language from the list of languages. In addition, you can set the time zone and automatic daylight saving time.



Reboot or turn off the watch remotely 

You can restart the smartwatch by clicking on the “Reboot device” button and turn off the smartwatch by clicking on the “Remote shutdown” button. 

WARNING: you will not be able to remotely turn on the smartwatch after turning it off remotely. The clock is turned on only by the “SOS” button. 

Share your kids’ smartwatch with family or friends 

If you want other relatives or close friends to have access to the kids’ smartwatch as well, you can do this by clicking on the “Share device” button. 

WARNING: for relatives or friends, only some functions of interacting with the smartwatch will work: search for the smartwatch on the map, an incoming call, chat. Remote smartwatch setting functions will not work. They are available only to the first and main owner of the application.

Take control of your watch with SMS password 

To control the watch using SMS commands, you need to click on the SMS password of the watch. 
WARNING: try not to activate this mode unless absolutely necessary.

Remove smartwatch from Canyon Life app 
If you bought another smartwatch, and the previous smartwatch is out of order, or there was some kind of error in the smartwatch, you can remove it from the Canyon Life app. To do this, click on the “Remove device” button. 

Problem solving 

The smartwatch is not charging 

Check if you are charging your smartwatch with the USB cable that came with your watch. Try not to lose the USB cable from the smartwatch box, because some other cables, even of this type, may not fit the smartwatch and you will not be able to charge the smartwatch. Never charge the smartwatch from power sources with a boost charging function, as this will damage the smartwatch. 

No network signal 

Check if the SIM card is securely and correctly inserted. It should be installed this way. Sometimes even a properly inserted SIM card is not detected. In this case, you need to correct its position on the contacts with your finger and restart the smartwatch again. In some cases, it is necessary to correct the SIM card and reboot the smartwatch several times until the network is found.

Before installation the SIM card, you need to turn off the smartwatch. This means that the SIM card can only be inserted when your smartwatch is off. To turn off the smartwatch, press the SOS button for at least 5 seconds. 

The smartwatch is not initialized in the Canyon Life application 

Make sure that: 

  • the smartwatch has detected a GSM network 
  • SIM card is installed correctly 
  • there is money in the smartwatch’s SIM card account 
  • SIM PIN removed 
  • SIM card activated 
  • there is a reliable mobile Internet signal in your area 

If all of the above is done, try restarting your smartphone and smartwatch. Sometimes it is necessary to do this several times. 

The smartphone does not receive notifications from smartwatch

Check if the mode is set to Do Not Disturb. While this mode is active, some notifications from the smartwatch will not come. In addition, you need to enable notifications from the Canyon Life app on your smartphone. Usually, this permission is set automatically, but in some models of smartphones, a prohibition may be set to automatically allow notifications from the application. Then this permission must be set manually. To do this, go to Settings -> Notifications -> Included Apps -> Canyon Life.


Also check to see if the Canyon Life app has been added to your Do Not Disturb list. 

WARNING: in different models of smartphones, the procedure for allowing notifications from the Canyon Life app may proceed differently. However, the principle of this procedure is similar and you can easily find it intuitively.