Wired Gamepad With Touchpad For PS4

  • Ultra-fast 3-meter wired connection
  • 20 buttons
  • Built-in touchpad
  • Vibration feedback
  • Dual motors for sensitive feedback
  • Audio output (3.5 mm jack)
  • Turbo mode
  • 4 Additional patented programmable buttons
  • Macro Functions
  • Smart LED lighting
  • Compatible with Sony PlayStation 4

This new, improved and refined gamepad was made specifically for PS4 gaming console. Due to its built-in touchpad you can control your game with limitless possibilities. Using 3.5 audio jack output, you can switch your headset straight into the gamepad and communicate with your teammates in real time. Smart LED lighting will assign a personal color to your player’s profile. The vibration feedback will make you feel all the moves and crashes of the game. There is a unique possibility to reprogram and remap M1-M4 patented buttons to your personal gaming needs. By turning on turbo mode, you can act as if you were repeatedly pressing the button. Let the victory be yours!


Device LocationExternal
Buttons Quantity22
Package TypeRetail
Warranty term24 months
Warranty validation criteriaSerial number
Height80 mm
Width174 mm
Lenght172 mm
Weight0.36 kg



Date of release - June 2018
How to update PS driver:
1. Download and unpack archive and launch EXE file
2. Plug the gamepad into your computer’s USB port, press “right” button and L3 at the same time
3. Open the driver and press “Update” button, then wait until the update is installed
Download Driver

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